I highly recommend this restaurant I'm not a thin crust pizza guy but my wife loves a thin crust. They also are very clean and the staff is amazing. This is the first time I've ever been here and I actually came for the new wing flavor and wasn't disappointed. I got their chicken riggie wings and wow were they amazing and they Arnt short on their sauce. I will definitely be going back I've never had wings so good. This will be my family's new wing stop hands down. I didn't get to meet the owner yet but I want to thank him for a great experience and his staff was amazing. Next to try the desserts

Joseph Mordarski

Very kind people and the food is really awesome. They have a ton of wing flavors to choose from and the food is on point! Definitely glad to have a pizzeria out this way again.

Heide J

First time ordering, and I will be ordering again. The food is excellent, and I ordered enough for a couple days. Two calazones, sausage riggies, and an antipasto salad. Impressed I am. Online ordering makes it a breeze. Thank you!!!

J Louis

Fast service and great food that's available to take home or eat there. Out of my many visit since opening I havent been let down yet by their wings and with a variety of different flavors you wont get bored.


Absolutely delicious and a great value! Our new favorite, glad they're close!

Jordan Jackson

Friendly staff

Lynn Warner