Get Your Specialty Sub Made-to-Order

Take advantage of our hot subs in Rome, NY

There's nothing better than a hot sub on your lunch break. So let Joey's Pizzeria be in your weekly tradition. We offer a variety of subs in Rome, NY. And depending on your preference, we can serve you a cold sub instead of heating it. Our deli meats and decades-old recipes create a great combination for incredible sandwiches.

Why do customers love our subs?

When it comes to hot and cold subs, we're unmatched. We're the difference makers with subs in the area because we:

  • Offer both cold and hot subs
  • Freshly prepare the sub while you wait
  • Have special subs rotating on a regular basis

Now is the time to taste the difference in our subs for yourself. Call us today to place your sub order. We can't wait to hear how much you enjoy it.